Village of Marshall unveils new website, logo

June 22, 2018

Diane Graff

The Courier

The Village of Marshall partnered with DMI studios to assist in the creation of a rebranded Village of Marshall logo a new economic development website, .

“The feedback we received from DMI Studios, residents and board members was to create a logo which could be transferable to many different forms of media,” Village Administrator Adam Ruechel said.

“The village board wanted a design which highlighted the Maunesha River but also showcases the vast recreation potential which has drawn many residents to call the Village of Marshall home. The goal behind the redesign was also to have a logo which targeted businesses as well showcases some of the great recreational amenities your business and employees could have by living in the village.” Ruechel said.

He further added, “Since the website is new it will continue to evolve as the village moves forward.

“One of the areas we think residents and potential residents will really like is the event calendar feature. This feature allows you to see what is happening within the village on a weekly basis and gives potential volunteer groups, residents and business the ability to submit an event which village staff can review and place on the website for everyone to see. Our hope is this website can become a central place where anyone can come to find what they need in regards to the Village of Marshall,” Ruechel said.

The village will utilize this new website in turn with their redesigned logo to help attract new residential and commercial development to the area.

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