Marshall School revamps Early Learner Fair

August 30, 2018

Diane Graff

The Courier

This past year, Marshall’s Early Learning Team revamped its Early Learner Fair, which was previously known as the Early Learner Round-Up.

The Early Learning Team was looking to refresh the program, make it more child friendly, and provide parents with additional access to resources regarding their child’s development, and resources they can access in the community. Last year, about 50 children attended the Early Learner Fair. This year, the Early Learner Fair will be held on Oct. 29 and 30.

Marshall Public Schools uses the Marshall Early Learner Fair as one way to implement the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Child Find requirements.

Child find requirements is a process of public awareness activities designed to identify children with disabilities in the community and ensure that they have access as early as possible to a free appropriate public education, including special education, when appropriate.

The Early Learner Fair will be offered in the fall, Oct. 29 and 30, with two additional dates offered throughout the year.

This addition allows families to access developmental screenings in the winter and spring as well as in the fall. In order to better anticipate and serve children and families, another change is that parents now fill out two ages and stages questionnaire screeners prior to attending the event.

These screenings look at how children are developing in important areas, such as communication, gross motor/fine motor skills, social-emotional skills, and problem-solving skills.

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