Marshall School District Referendum Passes, Other Village, School Board Races Uncontested

April 3, 2019

Cathy Kozlowicz

The Courier

The voters in the Marshall School District voted in favor of exceeding the current revenue limit in Tuesday’s spring election.

Marshall school district’s operating referendum passed 770-528 with 1,298 voters casting ballots. A total of 59.3 percent were in favor while 40.7 percent voted against it.

“We are excited we can continue with the current class sizes, academic programming and activities for the students,” District Administrator Dan Grady said.

The referendum was to authorize to exceed the current revenue limit by $1.25 million beginning with the 2019-2020 school year. Of the $1.25 million, $875,000 would be allocated on a recurrent or permanent basis while the remaining $375,000 would be allocated on a nonrecurring or temporary basis for three years, 2019-2022.

“I am appreciative of who came out to vote. We acknowledged there are many wonderful things happening, and there is also work to do,” he said.

Even with the referendum passing, Grady said that the district is looking at budget cuts of $300,000 to $400,000 as opposed to $1.5 million each year for three years if the referendum had not passed.

Grady said as an administrative team, they met to talk about ways to reduce the budget and that those conversations will be further discussed at the April 10 committee of the whole meeting set for 5 p.m. at the school district office.

In the school board election, incumbents Debra Frigo received 838 votes, while Mike Rateike, received 790 votes for the two open positions.

In the Village of Marshall incumbent Trustee Ryan Frey received 494 votes, and incumbent Trustee Christopher D. Campbell, received 396 to retain their positions on the board. They were uncontested in the election.

Campbell was appointed village trustee last year to finish out John Schuepbach’s term, when he was elected village president.

For the municipal judge position, incumbent Scott Baumann, who ran uncontested, received 98.8 percent, 505 votes.

In the Town of Medina, uncontested incumbent Town Chairperson Todd Weinberger received 308 votes, or 99.4 percent.

For the town supervisor positions, John Hellenbrand received 286 votes, while John Ward received 279 votes. Both were unopposed to retain their positions on the board. For the town treasurer position, incumbent Leaota Braithwaite ran uncontested and received 335 votes.

For the Dane County Circuit Court Judge Branch 16, incumbent Rhonda L. Lanford ran unopposed and 103,461 votes.