Marshall Police Department to replace uniforms

March 30, 2018

Cathy K

The Courier

Goodbye to the black police uniforms and hello to blue.

Announced at Marshall Village Board meeting March 13 the Marshall Police Department will be donning a new look.

One of the newly appointed police chief’s first tasks on his to do list was to get his crew new blue uniforms. And police chief John Nault wasn’t about to mince his words.

“I don’t like black,” he said.

“I am just used to blue. Black is like a SWAT team. Blue is much more professional.”

He said that when he became police chief, getting new uniforms was one of the first things he wanted to change.

“Nothing about the uniform is changing, just the color. We are going from black to blue,” Nault said. The police department will also have a new patch to match the uniform. Instead of a gray patch, the new patch will be full color.

“The color patch goes with the blue uniforms,” Nault said. “Gray does not.”

The police staff will begin wearing their new uniforms and patch April 1.

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