Marshall PD to purchase flashing crosswalk sign

September 4, 2019

Amber Gerber

The Courier

The Marshall Police Department has decided to purchase a flashing crosswalk sign to help pedestrians cross the Main Street and School Street intersection. During the Aug. 13 Marshall Village Board meeting, Chief John Nault said the department was considering purchasing a flashing crosswalk sign as opposed to hiring a crossing guard for before and after school. He noted the intersection had the fewest number of children crossing.

Nault said the flashing crosswalk sign would not be installed until 2020, pending its approval during the fall budget process. He estimates it would cost 3,000 to $8,000 to purchase the lighted pedestrian sign, which would flash yellow lights after a button on the signpost is activated by a pedestrian to alert drivers.

Until the flashing sign is installed, a stationary pedestrian crosswalk sign has been placed in the middle of the Main Street and School Street intersection.

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