Fox Bar & Brill Opens in Marshall

September 22, 2017

Cathy Kozlowicz

The Courier

It seemed like everyone was ready for a beer and a hamburger. 

 What owners Todd and Tim Kluever planned was to have a soft grand opening at Marshall’s newest establishment at 118 E. Main St. for his employees and their families on Sept. 13. When people saw cars in front of the bar, people just started going in. 

“By lunch on Thursday, it was packed,” Tim Kluever, owner said. 

The Fox Bar & Grille is in the same location as The Silver Fox Bar and Grill when it was run by Mindy and Larry Leistikow.  Kluever said the business will be called The Fox, and he plans on installing a new outside sign. “Everyone just always called it The Fox,” he said.

When The Silver Fox closed last year, he thought about taking ownership of the bar, but he also owns a vending business and two other bar and grills, Nora’s in Deerfield and Seminary Springs, in the Town of Burk, which are located between Cottage Grove and Madison. He said he really did not need to own another business.

“But then I became more and more frustrated as I could not get a hamburger in Marshall,” he said as he has lived in Marshall for 13 years and did business in Marshall for more than two decades.

When word got out that this bar would be opening, people were inquiring if they would be open in time for a place to go after football games and other upcoming events. People were asking.  And people were ready.

He has hired 14 staff. Kluever stated that all the staff will be cross-trained as they will all be able to be bartenders, cook, manage the operation and make decisions during their shift.

“We want all the food to taste the same no matter who is working,” he said. He will be sure to train all the bartenders who do not have cooking experience how to cook.

While The Fox Bar & Grille looks the same from the outside, they replaced the bar stools and have an all new kitchen. There is a pool table in the backroom and a basketball hoop in back.

The menu consists of many bar food items such as hamburgers, fries, chicken fingers and philly sandwiches. “We are fair. We will charge a fair price, and we work very hard,” Kluever said. “To the point of exhaustion.”

Kluever acknowledges that there may be another bar opening up across the street. “I am excited as people will be walking back and forth across on Main Street,” he said. After the basic bar operations are smooth, people are trained and the bar is running smoothly, Kluever stated they will consider implementing more creative ideas such as poker snowmobile runs between The Fox, Nora’s and Seminary Springs.

But for now, he is the enjoying owning a community place for people to go in Marshall. And for his first days and first weekend of business, the place was packed.

“Everyone has been saying to us that it is so nice seeing cars parked along Main Street and seeing people on Main Street,” Kluever said.

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