Entertainment basketball team raises money for food pantries

June 6, 2019

Cathy Kozlowski

The Courier

For the second-straight year, DAZE Entertainment Basketball performed a dazzling performance as they played a unique basketball game against the Marshall All-Stars as well as raised food and funds for the community and high school food pantries Monday, June 3.

The Marshall All-Stars included many teachers and staff in the Marshall School District such as the Early Learning Center and high school principals Rich Peters and Sharin Tebo, teachers Joe Wells and Chris Seep and Jeremy Waldon, school counselor. Three Marshall firefighters also hit the court.

DAZE Entertainment Basketball won 87-80.

“I think it was fascinating. It was competitive towards the end. Everyone had a good time. We raised money,” Troy Dean, owner said. More than 38 boxes were filled for the food pantry, he said.

The game was free, but people were encouraged to bring in perishable food items. During halftime, the crowd participated in Miracle Minute, where they donated loose change for the pantries.

There were featured players, who specialized in dunking and different entertainment tricks from Ohio, the Boston area, Columbus, Atlanta and Canada.

DAZE Entertainment Basketball was formed 13 years ago to promote creativity, entertainment and building positive community relationships. They play in community basketball games, do benefit and demonstrations for kids and families.

“All in all, it was a very good time,” Dean said. Children got autographs and were able to meet their favorite players.

Dean said that the reason for the event is to find ways to reach out to the community and to bring the community together. “It is important to bring something different to the communities,” Dean said. He said it is an added bonus for the children and families to see people come in from different areas.

“It is all about the community,” he said.

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