Dozen Vendors Slated for Marshall farmers market

April 20, 2019

Cathy Kozlowicz

The Courier

After reaching out to more than 150 potential vendors, Marshall Village Board Trustee Scott Michalak has secured 12 for the village’s inaugural farmers’ market, slated for Sundays starting May 26 from 8 a.m. to noon at Marshall Fireman’s Park.

More venders will be added, Michalak, who is coordinating the event with John Lutz, said. They have until April 26 to add more venders to be filed with the Dane County Board of Health.

Michalak said they are still looking for meat, cheese, pastry and bread vendors.

“We would be open to having coffee,” he said.

Six of the venders are from the Waterloo and Marshall area. The Marshall High School FFA Chapter will be selling starter seeds, bedding plants and maybe flowers, Michalak said. Lutz Family Farm, from the Town of Medina, will be selling strawberries, blueberries and sweet corn when it is in season and Irv’s Vegs will be selling garden vegetables.

The Waterloo vendors are Hillgard Farms which sells eggs, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage; Soulfully Imaged, which sells necklaces and jewelry; and EIO Acres, which will sell fresh cut asparagus, garden vegetables, rhubarb and pickled canned goods.

The other vendors include the Grove Flower Farm from Deerfield which will sell fresh cut flowers; Mai Chang, who has a greenhouse and garden in Madison, will sell vegetables; Cassoulet, based out of Sun Prairie, makes homemade meals and will be at the market for six weeks; and Bonde Bee from Randolph will be selling honey and possibly maple syrup. Mysh Garden, from Sun Prairie, and Oakdale Farms of Cambridge, will both be selling garden vegetables.

Some other locations for the market have been tossed around such on Main Street, Michalak said.

The parking lot is an ideal location, and if there are more vendors in future years, they can set up on the grass.

The parks and recreation committed approved the use of the park for the farmer’s market, without a permit fee.

The estimated cost to use the park for the season, primarily for cleanup purposes, will be around $500.

“There is a lot of growth potential,” Michalak said of the farmers’ market location. “I want this to be a summer event that brings more and more people, and my sincere hope is that everyone stays happy and the vendors are making a dollar.”

People can make it a day in Marshall, Michalak said. He said with the farmers’ market, people can begin the day with that, and go to Little Amerricka and get a day pass to the campground.

“The plan is to build Marshall, and I think this is a good way.”

Michalak said he visited many farmer’s markets, built relationship with vendors and has reached out to the Dane County Board of Health, which provides the guidelines of food temperatures sold at farmers’markets.

“It has been a fun hobby,” Michalak said. “It’s been fun. I love challenges as a person,” he added. “I love economic development, no matter what size.”

Michalak said he would like the market to expand with more vendors and that maybe by year three, they can charge a small feel that would go into the park’s committee.

“For a little market, I think it will be cool,” Michalak said. “I hope it will keep growing.”

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