Campground Exceeds Expectations

October 26, 2018

Cathy Kozlowicz

The Courier

About a year ago, Marshall’s Whistle Stop Campground was a pile of dirt.

Under the direction of Bud Styer & Associates, LLC, the campground opened in May and just completed its first season. The campground took in $237,590.97 in revenue this season which exceeded the village officials’ projected revenue of $149,000. Village Administrator Adam Ruechel said that the current year’s expenses were $229,000.

“There is a slight profit being made in year one, but we won’t have a finalized number until the audit is conducted in January,” he said.

In just a year, the campground featured a train transporting campers to the adjacent Little Amerricka Amusement Park, a swimming pond with a beach and water toys, horseshoes, cabins, Wi-Fi hotspot, a dunk tank, basketball and volleyball courts, a playground and recreational vehicle camping. The campground also had a wrist band program to include bikes and pedal carts, spaceball and a jumping pillow.

“We just shot it out of the park,” Ruechel said. “From a revenue standpoint, we saw a 160 percent increase over the budgeted figures.”

Revenues from campground site rentals were $158,829.18, clothing sales at $3,022.44, campground concession sales at $17,540.22, campground miscellaneous revenue at $49,099.27 and campground store inventory sales at $9,099.86. Seven high school students were hired for the summer.

The campground was at or near capacity right after the Fourth of July until the end of the year on weekends, Ruechel said. Only a couple of weekends were not full, he said.

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