Badger Pub Opens on Main Street

November 9, 2017

Cathy Kozlowicz

The Courier

After months of patiently or maybe, not so patiently waiting, Badger Pub on Marshall’s Main Street is open for business.

Owned by Shaw Fischer and Kyle Broon and managed by Cameron Schenck, the pub, located on 137 E. Main St., opened earlier this month with a full menu of food and drinks.

Schenck, who managed the Black Bear Inn in Cottage Grove for six years, is looking forward to being part of the Marshall community.

“We want people to be able to hang out here,” Schenck said. One of the features, besides its huge television screens is that there are two doors to Badger Pub. One door leads to the bar while the other one leads to the dining room, which has tables with white tablecloths.

Schenck said the goal was to make the bar and the dining room too separate entrances so if people have children, they can enjoy family dining without taking their children in the bar. He also would like community groups such as the Lions Club to host meetings in the dining room.

“We want to be active in the community and to be a part of the community,” Schenck said. “We want this to be a fun place that we are all family.”

Schenck, who hired around 20 new employees, said that the staff clothing all has the infinity sign, which is an eight. He said it is because they are all connected like family.

“We work together, we support each other and have fun together,” he said. “They are great.”

Schenck said that it was not easy to get the restaurant open, and that they had to replace the walls and reframe the ceiling. “We worked hard,” he said.

The bar has its typical assortment of beers and also has a full menu with hamburgers, turkey burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and sweet potatoes fries. It offered its first fish fry Nov. 3 which featured cod and perch, with more than 200 meals served.

“It was very, very successful,” he said. On Saturdays, prime rib will be featured. The business also serves breakfast.

Schenck plans to add to the menu as the business grows.

“It is fun. We are excited to be here,” he said.

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